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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

In this great moment of global change, humans are rising up and women are shaping the archetype of leaders. In order to transform, we must know when it is time to let go in order to be reborn. While many of us are faced with fear and uncertainty, our resistance to allowing ourselves to be raw and authentic can cause suffering. Our brilliant mind created an entire frame work imprinted within our psyches for which to see ourselves and the world to protect us from the uncomfortable truth.

We live in a society that worship conformity, trying to emulate, to fit in, searching for a sense of belonging. I was never be able to wrap my head around that concept, coming to a realization at a young age that I was a raw human, unafraid of being myself, making most uncomfortable, therefore, an unpopular person. My journey isn't short of wild and incredibly uncomfortable moment and onlyness. Yes, I said onlyness, not loneliness. “onlyness” is a concept describe by Nilofer Merchant as the very things that make a human unique. "Onlyness is the sum of your personality, your history, your hopes, your loves, and all that you are; it is the essence of you."

Through the course of my life, I found myself comfortably hiding behind my goggles with the gift of athleticism and later on, behind the curtain of my professional career. Willingly standing alone, untamed, finding myself in wild, breathtaking, unpredictable places in solitude. But it turned out to be the place of true belonging, the multitude of experiences shaped the unique aspect of myself. In all honestly, the journey hasn't been always pleasant but truly rewarding. Today I continue to stand courageously in fear because I can't control what people think of me but it turns out to be the most sacred place I will ever find myself in.

Being raw is real, it is a vulnerable energy that creates connections, opens hearts and facilitates love. It makes life real, deep and wild. It is a vast uncultivated, uninhabited, and unpredictable region of the self that is continuously growing and that is worth exploring. The power of accessing your own technology using your breath, your heart, and creating mindfulness around nature including the thoughts that feed your mind and the food that feed your body is essential.

Here, I must ask what is the lesson to be learned so that you may move forward. Let me ask you, where are you at on your journey? What is the undercurrent energy and as well as what is under the surface? If self-doubt arise, don't let your inner critic define you, instead seek connection with your inner authority and inner mastery, focus on what you have achieve rather than what you feel you lack. Give thanks to all the existing blessing, gifts, wisdom, and experiences in your life. Support your discoveries with crystals like the crystal for truth and malachite a stone that can inspire real change if needed and diffuse oils like Bergamot, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Spikenard, Pink or Black Pepper, doTERRA blends Amavi and Beautiful.

Until next time,

With love and badassery,


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