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Ten months away from qualifying and possibly competing in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I was forced into retirement from skicross racing to nurse my ninth concussion.  This was a sour ending to a life dream; 30 years chasing an Olympic gold medal.  Left with a common disability symptom from multiple concussions; this event did not signal retirement from life as a thriving human. Instead, I fell back in love with competitive paddling and training in a gym, along with a more holistic and minimalist view of life. I’ve become passionate about nutrition, essential oils and leading a well-rounded, mindful life.  I am ANIK WILD a lifelong athlete at heart, a wife and a mother, the CEO of my founded companies, the co-founder of a non-profit organization and a passionate coach. Each day, I live my past with a lot of pride. And because I also have learned so much from it, I am excited to share with YOU.  

Meet Anik Demers-Wild. A true optimistic and natural-born leader. A talented woman with dreams and ambition and passion, who shows-up and takes great responsibility, commitment, and loyalty for her personal alignment, her family, her health and business ventures. A woman who does not apologize for who she is and showing-up bright not dimming down because it makes others uncomfortable.  A fearless visionary living with badassery, bravery and authentically with the courage to show her face to shoe the life she lived and the women she became. 

"My Mission is to guide individuals and groups to UNLEASH or REAWAKEN the inner athlete.  Defying social expectation while remaining TRUE TO SELF, OWNING your accomplishment, BALANCING self-care, business and family life, sports and ADVENTURE, coping with failure - get competitive in life you will not always win; THRIVE with a PLAYFUL mindset, build CONFIDENCE within a tribe of like-minded individuals."

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