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"Lake Tahoe is home to many world-class athletes who can’t wait to spread their passion for the sports they love. But what happens when two athletes who are bursting with enthusiasm for human-powered water sports end up together?  Anik and Jay Wild, a couple who are doing so many awesome things for the paddling community that it is hard to fathom there are only two of them."                                                                                                        Tahoe Weekly, July 2015   


This dynamic duo met in Squaw Valley in the 2003  “I had the climbing gear and she had a climbing rope, one thing led to another”.  Jay says.  Their proudest accomplishment aside from their son Jaxsen is the Tahoe Watergrom Camp. The camp is designed to bring the lake lifestyle to the youth, “We believe in providing resources for kids to enjoy the lake safely and responsibly."  The Wild’s also created the nonprofit Lake Tahoe Waterman Association, which provides education, mentorship and coaching to support paddling sports on Lake Tahoe, with an environmental chapter committed to protection and conservation of beautiful playgrounds that is Tahoe.


But these two endeavors are only the beginning of what the Wild’s are up to. They also co-own of Tahoe Waterman with Anik's sister Kina, a family business venture: Including Watermans Landing, Tahoe's beach Cafe and Paddling headquarter in Carnelian Bay, an all-inclusive, human-powered watersport hub serving healthy, organic food and paddling watercraft, the most ideal beach club created in Lake Tahoe. The Wild’s also developed Team Tahoe Waterman, a community of paddle sports enthusiasts with participants of all ages.  The Wild’s dream was initially to provide education, funding, and a structured program that would create world-class paddlers in all age categories while preserving and create sustainability for their paddling ground that is Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Paddle Racing, a racing series, providing a safe and healthy challenge race series on Lake Tahoe to our soulful paddling community.  


How can they accomplish all these tasks while raising an 8-year-old child? Perhaps their motto is helpful: LIVING LIFE FIRST “We have a serious passion for an active, water and mountain-based lifestyle,” says Anik and Jay. “We want to share the lifestyle of how to stay fit, active and healthy, work smart and achieve your wildest dream, living a real-life doing epic adventures and the importance of  staying in touch with nature and protecting our playground"

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